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Druid @ 19/6/2006, 17:25    -->   (party) Database errors
Due to some magical database errors, a couple of news items and articles that were posted after August 2001 were lost. The rest of the site has been restored for your nostalgic viewing pleasure!

Druid @ 9/7/2001, 11:39    -->   (scene) DemoDVD Project
I stumbled on a cool site today, the DemoDVD Project (http://www.demodvd.org/). Devised by ex-Hornet and Fusecon members, this project aims at putting the best demos ever on a single DVD disc. Follow the link and support it!

The REW @ 6/7/2001, 14:54    -->   (scene) Vote for Simstim / AcmE!
One of the main reasons that the Takeover Foundation is still alive is to help the scene. And who can we help better than the legendary Simstim / AcmE? We already voted a 10 for him! Please follow our good example! :-)

JAL @ 4/7/2001, 10:39    -->   (scene) Poll closed
The poll about the future of this site has been closed. A majority (57%) thinks it is a good idea to keep the Takeover site as a scene portal. We are encouraged by this result, and hope to offer you the first new scene related content in the near future.

Druid @ 2/7/2001, 14:18    -->   (archive) Some files added on the FTP server
"Woodchips" by The REW of Nostalgia - the tune used in the flash intro of this site - is now available for download here: ftp://ftp.takeover.nl/pub/misc/woodchips.ptm

Update: Freebase/Revolution converted the module to an MP3 file, available here: ftp://ftp.takeover.nl/pub/misc/woodchips.mp3

Also, the fix for Cocoon's winning Takeover 2001 demo Glon243, is available here: ftp://ftp.takeover.nl/pub/takeover2001/demo/glon243v12.zip

Sparcus @ 1/7/2001, 14:50    -->   (party) Opening Animation
Just in case you were wondering where we had hidden it, the Takeover Opening Animation can be downloaded here.

Druid @ 30/6/2001, 18:55    -->   (party) Some press articles added
Several articles about Takeover 2001, written by the Dutch press are now available!

JAL @ 28/6/2001, 09:32    -->   (party) Traffic graph
Cliff kindly pointed us to a graph of the internet traffic during Takeover 2001.

Druid @ 27/6/2001, 17:14    -->   (party) Magicboy "It's over" anim available
"It's over" by Magicboy (which was shown during the Takeover 2001 prize ceremony) is now available for download, ftp://ftp.takeover.nl/pub/takeover2001/misc/magicboy_its-over.divx.avi

JAL @ 27/6/2001, 09:28    -->   (party) Party pictures
Here are a few links to party pictures:

Druid @ 24/6/2001, 17:53    -->   (party) All releases available!
All Takeover 2001 releases are available at ftp://ftp.takeover.nl/pub/takeover2001/!

Druid @ 24/6/2001, 17:50    -->   (party) Preliminary results available!
Preliminary results are available here, to2001res.txt!

Druid @ 24/6/2001, 17:26    -->   (party) Takeover 2001 is over
Takeover 2001 is now over. It was a great success, and we thank you all for coming! Stay tuned for the results, and keep hope alive!

Druid @ 19/6/2001, 12:38    -->   (party) An overview of info@takeover.nl
We've compiled a list of what entered our mailboxes over the past few months through the address info@takeover.nl. Quite a lovely list, I'd say :). Check it out, An overview of info@takeover.nl

Druid @ 17/6/2001, 19:46    -->   (party) Takeover 2001 on the radio!
Da P has been promoting Takeover 2001 on dutch radio stations. Listen to the broadcast on Radio Decibel (dutch): Radio-Decibel-Interview.mp3